Welsh Winter Hillwalking Courses Ice Ace arrest Cutting steps on a Scottish Winter Hillwalking Skills Course Using an Ice Axe in Winter Snowdon Horsehoe in Winter Conditions

Welsh Winter Skills

Welsh Winter Skills

There is nothing quite like teh mountains in winter. So come and experience the stunning winter wonderland in snowdonia and learn some vital winter skills whilst enjoying classic winter hillwalking routes.

Our Winter Mountaineering courses are about turning a summer mountaineering or climber into a winter warrior. The skills you need to become a winter mountaineer stem from the harsh environemnt that you are required to work in. Sub-zero temperatures, strong winds and extremely limited visibility make the environment challenge both for survival and for travel, and when snow and ice dominant the world around you we have to adapt our exsisting skills in order to safely enjoy these savage mountains.

These new skills include:

  • Using Crampons
  • Use of an Ice Axe
  • Avalanche Assessment
  • Poor Visibility Navigation
  • Emergency shelters
  • Our course take place either in Snowdonia or Scotland, the scottish course have a higher price, due to travelling and accomodation expenses. However the courses in Scotland are extrememly flexible, and we can arrange venues to suit you, and if neccessary head either to the East and the wild and remote Cairngorm's National Park area, or to the West Coast and the mountains of Glencoe and Lochaber. If you'd perfer to go further out then we can't recommend more highly a guided trip to Torridon and the North West of Scotland, this is one of the most amazing mountaineering venues in the UK, the mountains are steep rugged and challenging.


    Cost: £300 for 2 day and £600 for 5 days

    Duration: 2 and 5 days

    Experience: Previous summer mountain walking experince and good hill fitness.

    Dates for 2 day courses: We currently have no course dates set. Please get in touch to set up course dates to suit your needs.

    To book, find out more or to arrange an alternative date email us here.
    ...or call us on 01286650217